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When our eyes are under the influence of light stimulation, pineal gland in the brain will stop secreting Melatonin. Melatonin supplementation can synchronize day and night cyclicity and make us sleep better.

Working together with Zinc and Selenium, increase of Melatonin level can also strengthen the immune system, prevent body cells from breaking down, inhibit the growth of harmful cells and reduce the chance of heart-related problems. Besides, Melatonin is the strongest anti-oxidant which effectively prevents and slows down our aging process.

The following is a summary of the functions of Melatonin:

  • Powerful anti-oxidant, slows down aging process
  • Relieves the symptoms of tension headache
  • Activates healthy cells to fight against harmful cells growth and variation
  • Fights jet lag and treats insomnia
  • Zinc and selenium assist strengthen immune system


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