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100% Spirulina (600 tablets) (out of stock)


100 %Spirulina contains over 100 nutrients that are essential for healthy body function. It helps to maintain pH balance of our body, improve immune system, prevent fat accumulation, optimize the level of blood pressure and heart-related problems and treat malnutrition. 100% Spirulina is the most comprehensive nutritional food recommended by WHO. EvergreeníŽs natural Spirulina is sourced from California and Hai Nan Island. 100% pure Spirulina tablets are pressed with highly advanced technology in Japan without adding any additives. Each bottle has 600 tablets of 200mg Spirulina, around a month of consumption. It is recommended for adults to take 20 íV 30 tablets daily and children 10 -15 tablets daily, half an hour before meal.


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