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Enhancepep is a TGA-certified dietary supplement with Alpha-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (Alpha-MSH) Peptides for enhancement of libido and sexual performance and prevention of erectie dysfunction for men and women. Ingredients: Enhancepepˇ¦s unique active ingredient, colostrum (enriched with alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone peptides), combines with nicotinic acid and a number of purified botanical extracts (cynomorium songaricum, turnera diffusa, epimediu brevicornum, epimedium sagittatum, paullinia cupana). Enhancepepˇ¦s natural formula contains no drugs, steroids, chemicals or unpermitted substances. Enhancepep helps to: -increase sexual desire, penile and vaginal blood flow, ejaculatory frequency, cognitive performance, physical endurance and energy -intensify sexual desire, genital sensitivity and arousal -improve sexual mood, male and female sexual function, management of performance anxiety and depression, and overall sexual performance Certification: TGA-certified dietary supplement Recommended dose: -Two tablets per day, best taken at night -Additional tablets can be taken thirty minutes before when needed -Maximum dose per day is eight tablets This dietary supplement is not medicine, it can be taken with other dietary supplements. Specification: 60 tablets


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