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Bluecell Extracts AF2 (out of stock)


Clinically proven cosmetic formula, 4 out of 5 users experienced great increase in skin smoothness and firmness after 2 months. BLUECELL Extracts Adcanced Formula 2 is a cellular moisturising serum gel with bioactivating Marine DNA elements and Oxygenin for Daily Skin Moisturizing and repair. BLUECELL Extracts AF2 is a fast absorbing, moisturizing and clinically proven cellular moisturising serum gel that supremely combines the rich cellular nutrients of blue plants, marine DNA elements and several other bioactive botanical extracts and essential lipids for rejuvenation of the face, eye and neck for the following purposes: 1) Moisturizer - Provides long-lasting hydration for a more nourished and radiant complexion 2) Eye gel - Rejuvenates areas of the eyes to diminish visible signs of ageing and fatigue 3) Neck gel - Apply on area of the neck to maintain an equally beautiful skin. 4) Hand gel - Soothes and nourishes skin to restore softer, smoother and more youthful looking hands Using methods: -BLUECELL Extracts AF2 is suitable for male and female on all types of skin -Apply a little on the face and neck at night time. If needed, it can be applied in the morning as well.


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